Santa Fe River Greenway

The Santa Fe River Greenway project is a joint effort between Santa Fe County and the City of Santa Fe to construct approximately 15 miles of continuous greenway of public parks and trails from downtown Santa Fe to the Wastewater Treatment Plant west of NM 599. When completed the County’s portion of the River Greenway will run from the current City limits at Frenchy’s Field to the Wastewater Treatment Plant west of NM 599, approximately eight miles.

The Greenway will revive the traditional use of the corridor as a transportation route and focus community members and visitors on the historical role of the Santa Fe River in connecting communities along the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro. Santa Fe County plans to construct a multi-use trail along the River, which will provide both recreational opportunities and an alternative transportation route. As part of the Greenway project, Santa Fe County is also restoring the River using natural materials and native plants to stabilize the channel and enhance the riparian habitat.

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